"Philip Townsend's pictures are the Sixties." Roger Eldridge

After lying hidden in a cupboard for several decades, photos from the archive of the archetypical 60s photographer Philip Townsend have finally been published in book form with an introduction by Andrew Loog Oldham, The Rolling Stones' first manager. The first title in the series, Philip Townsend — The Limited Editions, is a pictorial Who’s Who of the decade that includes little-known images of pop icons such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Searchers and Cilla Black, not to mention personalities and politicians that range from Frankie Howerd and Alec Guinness to Yuri Gagarin and Harold Wilson.

Philip Townsend's talent for capturing the zeitgeist was remarkable. Few photographers could have produced such striking images of The Rolling Stones, on the cusp of fame but lacking even a record deal.

One book cannot do justice to a vast archive of material that captures musicians and statesmen, actors and royalty, soldiers, tycoons and models. Townsend’s sensitive shots of the Aberfan disaster of 1966 deserve a volume of their own. That’s why Silver Shutter Books will be publishing more work by Philip Townsend in the coming months and years, beginning with his in-depth studies of The Rolling Stones.

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Philip Townsend - The Limited Editions

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Philip Townsend, The Limited Editions